New Dunes camp

For the new season, the Dunes Camp of the Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge will be completely reworked. At the beginning it was planned as a tent camp with an outdoor shower and toilet. At the moment it will be built with stone walls, enlarged and the rooms receive an internal shower and toilet. Hot shower water is generated by a solar system.
Two small dune houses with a panoramic terrace are built instead of the tents. The popular outdoor shower under the big bush remains. We responded to the opinion of some of our guests, the camp was too natural. In our opinion we have created a symbiosis between a nature camp and comfort overnight to offer our guests the right mix of accommodation in the wild of the Kalahari and the luxury.
A small pool in the middle of the Kalahari can be used after a strenuous hike for a refreshing bath. The camp is a small oasis with a view onwards a water station which is regularly visited in the evening hours of animals such as wildebeest, oryx or giraffe. The Dunes Camp is a wonderful start for a Namibia trip, even more after the new reworking.