Nyala Walk

Hiking time: about 2 hours. Start off by crossing a vast grass savanna with several small Vleis. On the bottom of the red Kalahari dunes, broad grassy lowlands give way to a shrub savanna that alternates with open stone and gravel plains.


The vegetation is characterized by heathland plants, shrubs, thorn bushes, small trees, and camel thorn trees with impressive weaver birds nests. 
In the middle of the trail, a 15-minute extension offers excellent possibilities for animal watching. 
During the last third, the trail leads through an open, heath-like scenery before getting back to the lodge. 
The whole trail features excellent locations for watching wild animals: 
Black wildebeest and plains zebras in the grass savanna, blue wildebeest and mountain zebras in the open plains of bush and shrub savanna.


In the undergrowth of the thorn bushes, nyala antelopes will let you watch them at close range. On the vast clearances between dense shrubs and bushes, impala herds can be seen. You might also discover warthogs, bat-eared foxes, and wildcats.
Kudu herds are scattered over the area. Springboks and steenboks belong to the most commonly spotted varieties. Red hartebeests and elands are rarer to be seen.
The trail offers a lot of variety without crossing the dunes. It is easy to hike because it almost continuously leads over solid surface.

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