Trans Kalahari Walk

Guided hike with 2 options

  • 2 night package (2 overnight stays / 3 days and 1 day activities) or
  • 3 night package (3 overnight stays / 4 days and 1,5 days activities)

The Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge offers a new highlight for tourists!
The Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge offers a multi-day hike through the dunes of the Kalahari landscape with one or two nights in the Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge and one night in a luxurious tented camp. The hike will take place with an English speaking nature guide for even one single participant up to four participants.


Day 1 – Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge
Relax after your overnight flight – watch animals at a watering hole, take a dip in the pool, enjoy an a la carte dinner and take part in a scenic drive to get some first impressions of the Kalahari region.

Day 2 – All-day hike through the Kalahari, accommodation in a luxury tent camp
Make an early start to enjoy the fascinating Kalahari sunrise from a dune sofa. You will watch the sun come up on the horizon while sipping freshly-brewed coffee in the pleasantly cool morning temperatures.
The hike will go on over infinite chains of red dunes that keep crossing a vast tree savanna. Giraffes and oryx herds can often be spotted there. After the mid-day rest in a dune valley with lots of game to be spotted, the hike will go on to the depth of the Kalahari.


Taking advantage of the numerous camel thorn trees’ shade, we will climb red sand dunes and cross valleys. In the afternoon, the new dune camp will be reached, a small oasis on one of the impressive red sand dunes. Enjoy a rest on a thatched terrace with prepared buffet, small swimming pool, cosy sofa and sun loungers. Two cabin tents with thatched roof and an impressive view of a watering hole for watching game at dawn offer utmost Africa atmosphere in privacy. The awesome sunset can be watched from the lookout dune right by the camp. Afterwards, a campfire and the sounds of the African desert will be waiting. Enjoy a night in the open in a bed on the dune or retreat to the tent whenever you prefer.


Day 3
Shortly after sunrise, the day begins with breakfast on the terrace of the camp, where you could see again antelopes and giraffes at the waterhole. A short hike takes us back to Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge for departure.

Alternatively Day 3 – Karoo hike, accommodation at Red Dunes Lodge
In the morning, wake up to the aroma of freshly-prepared breakfast and take a shower in the outdoor shower underneath a shepherd’s tree. With a little luck, you might be able to spot zebras or gnus lingering at the watering hole. After breakfast, the hike will lead on, leaving the dune area and entering the shrub and bush savanna typical for the Kalahari. This is the habitat of medium-sized antelopes like nyala and impala.

The hike will lead to the Great Karoo, a region of shrub and grass savannas. Nyalas, impalas and blue wildebeest roam there. Discover this interesting and diverse scenery and vegetation at close range with the Kalahari dunes always in the background.
After a hike of approximately three hours, you will reach the Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge. Take your time and enjoy lunch, a rest, animal watching at a water hole, a dip in the pool, and an a la carte dinner.

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